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    Terms and Conditions

    All materials are included in fee. The Cash, Cheque, & Direct Credit Fee is: $9.75 per week (GST included) / $39.00 per month
    payable 2 months in advance ($78). No additional charges.
    The Credit Card Fee is discounted to $9.25 per session / $37 per month payable 1 month in advance
    The Staff and Sibling Discounted Fee is $36 per month payable 2 months in advance ($72) when paying by cash, cheque or direct credit.
    The Credit Card fee is $9.00 per session ($36) payable 1 month in advance.

    Please Note:

    Fees will be charged according to the number of sessions that fall within a calendar month i.e. if there are 5 Tuesdays in a month then the Cash fee of $48.75 will be charged. Likewise, the Credit Card Fee that will be charged is $46.25.
    Fees are payable even if a child is absent. An item is constructed/decorated over a number of weeks.
    No pottery can go home if fees are outstanding. 2 weeks written notice required.

    In line with child care regulations, police checks have been performed on all Possum Potter staff.

    "We may collect personal details such as contact details, your address and telephone numbers, email address, age and date of birth,
    your preferred Possum Potters products. This information is for our internal use only and is not passed onto third parties."