Possum Potters

Possum Potters Services

Possum Potters is a fully mobile pottery and ceramics service, making these delightful crafts accessible to everyone! With little or no effort you as the parent, can give your child the opportunity to recharge his/her senses and indulge in somthing fun, educational and completely new. Our unique pottery program is refreshing in it's approach and surprisingly affordable. We have simplified the pottery construction process so that it falls within the general motor skills and developmental level of pre-school children.

Mobile Pottery / Ceramic Service

Possum Potters Ongoing weekly pottery lessons throughout the year.
Possum Potters School holiday programs at Community Centres/Child Care Centres.
Possum Potters Special event short programs (Easter; M/D; F/D & Christmas).
Possum Potters End of year school logo stamp activity.
Possum Potters Childrens Birthday Parties.
Possum Potters Adult Ceramic Parties.
Possum Potters Ceramic Baby/Toddler Hand & Footprint Plates and Plaques.
Possum Potters Firing Service.

Possum Potters Services

Possum Potters Clay/Acrylic Paints and General Pottery Equipment.
Possum Potters Greenware and Glazes.
Possum Potters Bisqueware.
Possum Potters Basic Handmade Pottery Items (Fired) for painting/glazing.